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Founder/Digital Marketing Leader/Husband/Geek Dad x2

I collaborate with ambitious entrepreneurs, technology innovators, fast-moving start-ups and Fortune 500 enterprises to develop insight-driven, data-validated, marketing strategies that are proven to drive growth, generate demand and optimize marketing outputs.

I drive measurable growth and attributable revenue by delivering strategic digital experiences that leverage innovative marketing technologies.




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Joule is a subsidiary of the Canadian Medical Association. We operate as a Social Enterprise so we balance our focus between Social Innovations and revenue generating Commercial Innovations and Products.

Joule’s Mission is to make it easier for physicians to be at their best.

We do this by offering point-of-care tools and resources, medical journals and clinical practice guides, leadership and professional development courses as well our commitment to invest in, and support physician-led innovations through grant and mentorship programs.

My team of passionate and talented individuals are responsible for digital channels and platforms as well as demand and lead generation activities for the Commercial Product portfolio.

Experience is the Best Teacher


I founded Fossil Marketing in 2013 in response to a growing need for a different type of digital marketing agency. One that focused exclusively on digital strategy, demand generation and marketing automation.

Often, when people think of Marketing, they immediately associate the profession with the selection of fonts and colours; that's just not me.

Leveraging insights, metrics and emerging marketing technologies, Fossil Marketing helps businesses succeed through data-driven approaches, strong execution and detailed measurement.

Not Your Typical Digital Consultancy

" Kris is truly a modern marketing professional whose understanding of both traditional and digital marketing, paired with his keen passion for demand generation and the sales process makes him the complete marketing package for any company that has the fortune of working with him."

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Jason Hamilton, 3X Marketo Champion and Certified Expert

Driving Innovation In Health Care

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